ISE II Trinity Listening Exams

20 x ISE II Trinity Practice Listening Exams.



ISE II Trinity Independent Listening Instructions



  • Practise listening to recorded English — you are tested on listening to recordings, so watch films and television in English, listen to English podcasts or news programmes, watch English videos on the internet and practise in and out of study time.
  • Practise taking notes while you listen — try to only write the most important information like key ideas, opinions and facts.
  • Listen to discussions and speeches where the content is abstract and implied rather than factual.


  • Don’t try to write down everything you hear — you don’t need 100% of the information.


ISE II Trinity Independent listening rating scale exam marking scheme B2


35 thoughts on “ISE II Trinity Listening Exams

  1. This is certainly going to help me pass my test this summer!! Thank you!!

    By the way, when are new audios being released?

  2. The new listenings are very useful! I especially enjoyed the “World Vegan Day” one. Good job!
    May we expect any new uploads this/next month? 😀

  3. Hola quería saber q tengo q hacer para obtener los listening de b2 , cuál es el precio y de cuánto dispongo en total. Muchas gracias

    1. Unlike for the writing and reading, the topics for the listening exams are not specified. The listenings are what you would hear in an educational setting.

      For more information, checkout:
      the teacher’s guide, page 23 & 38 :file:///C:/Users/user.user-PC/Downloads/Guide%20for%20Teachers%20-%20ISE%20II%20-%20Online%20Edition.pdf
      The student’s guide, page 15: file:///C:/Users/user.user-PC/Downloads/Guide%20for%20Students%20-%20ISE%20II%20-%20Third%20Edition%20(3).pdf

  4. Hola, quisiera saber si compro los listening, puedo escucharlos por ejemplo uno cada día, o tengo que escucharlos en un cierto tiempo limitado

    1. Hay dos cursos:

      ISE II Trinity Listening exams (puedes escuchar los exámenes una vez pero durante un tiempo sin limite)
      ISE II Trinity Listening exams – Teachers edition (puedes escuchar los exámenes un numero de veces sin limite pero durante un tiempo limitado)

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