Top Tip for the ISE II Trinity Speaking Exam – Collaborative Task

ISE II Trinity Speaking exam Tips

ISE II Trinity speaking exam format

The ISE II Trinity exams are all about functions, functions, functions!

In order to demonstrate you have you have the level, you need to use the grammar and language functions.

ISE II Grammar Functions

ISE II Trinity Exams - Grammar Functions for B2

ISE II Language Functions

For ISE II Trinity one of the ways you can do this is during the collaborative task

ISE II Trinity speaking exam - Collaborative Task Part 3

The most commonly expected language function in the collaborative language stage is GIVING ADVICE (another common one is modals of speculation).

The most basic way we can give advice is YOU SHOULD but remember: “you should” is boring ISE I grammar.

We want exciting ISE II grammar! 

Advanced Phrases for Advice

You should   

You had better  

If I were you I would 

Your best bet would be to 

advanced phrases for advice ISE II Trinity Speaking Exam -


More exam tips

Good ideas

If I were you I would practise with the ISE II Trinty exam with a colleague or friend.

You’d better practise asking another person about a past problem or a future concern.

  • Elicit more detail
  • Ask them for more information
  • Discuss the situation and
  • Offer them (advanced level) advice.

Your best bet is to listen to English as well as speaking it. Remember that the ISE examiner is testing you on your interactive listening skills, so practise having conversations in English.

Bad idea

You’d better NOT talk about yourself!!! — the Collaborative task is about your situation or circumstances. The examiner’s situation is what you need to resolve

What next?

Would you like to try a free sample ISE II Trinity Listening Exam?

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